Landscape Beads

Friday, January 6, 2017

I really enjoyed making these landscape beads. They take a while to prepare to make because I have to pull stringers for all the different colors I’m going to use. Once that is done though, landscape beads are fun to make. I just wind the stringer on to the bead in a carefree way. I play around with details like what colors to use in the sky, whether I make a starfish on the beach, and twisting between the ocean and the beach to make waves.

I have made landscape beads before when I was still fairly new to bead making. It was the first time I really felt like an artist with the glass. I was so pleased with those landscape beads. One of my first experiences selling my beads was of selling my landscape beads. I was at a conference and I was able to share a table with a friend who was promoting a book. I had 22 beads made into pendants and I sold them for $15 each. I made $300!

The landscape beads I am making now are somewhat different of course. I think they are much better. They are bigger, and more complex, and they have a better shape. I started making them again because a friend said he really liked them and thought they were very sellable. Now, I live in an artsy, touristy place with many higher end gift shop type places. I plan to try and place these beads in one of those shops in a few months once I have made a few.

This is me selling beads at a convention in 2008.

Of course I plan to make other types of landscape beads too. Yesterday I made a prototype of a landscape bead with a palm tree on it. I am happy with how it came out because I feel like my expectation was similar to the result of the experiment. I feel like I am finally learning how to work glass and understand what it does. I think I am getting to the point where I can envision something and make it happen in glass. That’s a wonderful feeling and it’s only taken me eight years to get to this point! Lol.

I want to say something about the photograph too. I have a very nice micro 4/3 DSLR camera, and a pair of photographic lights that I got at the Gathering in 2016. I also used a tripod to steady the camera. It took me several tries to get a photo I liked. Then I edited out the background of the photo in Adobe Photoshop and added the greyscale background. I am pleased with the final image and I think the beads look great. It is really hard to take pictures of beads. Here is an example of what my photos of beads looked like when I first started making beads. Quite an improvement isn’t it?

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