Saturday, May 13, 2017

A glass bead malaThis is a mala I made for myself. A mala is a string of Buddhist prayer beads – like a rosary. It consists of 108 beads plus a Guru bead (and a cap for the Guru bead). It took me about 15 hours to make this mala. Each bead was made individually. Then I strung the beads and made the tassel.

I’m really happy with how this came out. It has a nice feel to it. It is heavy, and big, but not too bad. I like the size of the beads. They are easy to count. The color is also very nice I think. Blue is my favorite color, and I think the pink beads contrast nicely.

A mala is used in meditation. The beads are fed through your left hand one at a time as you repeat a mantra. Mantras are short Sanskrit phrases. One mantra I got when I bought a 21 day meditation experience from Deepak and Oprah is Sheevo Hum. It is translated as I am infinity.

I made malas for my boyfriend Lenny and my friend Lisa too. Each one gets a little smaller. They both like purple so they are both purple but the counter beads and tassels are different.

This is the mala I made for my boyfriend Lenny.

This is the mala I made for my friend Lisa.

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